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Confidently deliver event headshots.

Quoting and delivering hundreds of headshots for conferences, trade shows, and large companies can be intimidating. What software is best? What workflow will keep me organized? How can I deliver the images instantly? How can I create a valuable branded experience for my client?

Headshot Method will give you all the tools and training you need to get started right away! AND your clients will be thrilled with the results!

Set yourself apart from other headshot photographers and offer the best event headshot experience with confidence!


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You have questions...

What software should I use?

How do I instantly deliver headshots?

What are the best camera and lighting settings?

How do I price jobs?

How do I show only my best images in a curated slideshow with branding for my client?

How do I collect leads for my client?

How many headshots can I deliver each hour?

The list goes on and on...


We have answers.

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Included in your membership...


Training Videos

Watch step-by-step instructions from the professional photographers who have developed the Headshot Method.

How-To Guides

No-nonsense articles designed to quickly provide you with answers. Pricing guides, lighting diagrams, gear lists, workflows that take you from lead to completion - we’ve got you covered!


Presets and Styles

Make your images pop right out of the box. When you’re serving hundreds or thousands of people at events, there’s no time to fiddle around. Use our presents for images that look instantly polished.

Marketing Material

Learn how to clarify your message and create content and marketing material that attracts your ideal client.


Valuable Community

Every member will gain exclusive access to a valuable Facebook Group community of professionals who are building event headshots into their photography business. Ask questions and share insights. Network and create business opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Workflow Scripts

Perform multiple steps through helpful automations. Make your life easier and simplify your workflows.



Q: Why should I become a Headshot Method member?

A: Many photographers are unsure how to deliver hundreds of headshots for events and big brands. They pass up great opportunities or underprice and underdeliver on others. Headshot Method was created to coach photographers through every step: marketing, quoting, and executing a valuable headshot experience. With the business and technical challenges solved, photographers can grow a profitable event headshot business with confidence.

Q: When will I get access to Headshot Method training courses?

A: When you become a Headshot Method member, you’ll enjoy access to every subject, article, and video instantly. Jump to specific topics you’re most interested in, or start at the beginning. It’s up to you!

Q: Who is behind Headshot Method?

A: The team at One Tree Studio runs Headshot Method. After providing consulting for various photographers across North America, the team realized just how many headshot photographers would benefit from a one-stop-shop for training and resources for world-class event headshots.

Q: What if I have specific questions?

A: Headshot Method members have access to our private Facebook Group, where our community photographers can share what they have learned. You can also book one-on-one coaching with the Headshot Method team.

Q: What will the cost of Headshot Method be?

A: Headshot Method will be a subscription-based membership. We believe Headshot Method will save you thousands of dollars and many months or even years of costly trial and error. We have designed this course to provide a great return on investment after your very first job!

Q: What is different about Headshot Method compared to other educational sites?

A: We created Headshot Method because frankly, it didn’t exist yet. When our studio started offering high volume, instantly delivered, professional headshots with branded emails and curated slideshows - there was next to no information for us to learn from. In fact, we couldn’t find any other studio that offered the exact set of features we wanted to offer. There wasn't (and still isn’t) one piece of software that does everything we need. So we contacted developers, requested features, wrote some of our own scripts and workflows and figured out the business side of creating outstanding, and profitable experiences for our clients. There simply isn’t anywhere on the internet (trust us, we have searched high and low) that puts together technical and business resources to help you respond immediately to these lucrative opportunities.

Q: When will Headshot Method Launch?

A: Headshot Method will be launching in early 2019. If you want to be the first to know when we launch, please be sure to sign up to our newsletter below!